Core Success Indexes on Internet Business 에세이

Core Success Indexes?

These indexes let me know whether my business successes or not.

% of buyers

If only 20% of members become buyers, our goal monthly or yearly is more $ 10,000 or $ 10 million, and the customer transaction is $ 10, this means that it need to have and hold more 5,000 or 5 million members.

>> So How many registered members are had and held now?

>> Which methods are choosen to increase and hold the volume?

% of repurchasers

For your buyers, How many buyers are re-purchasing goods on your market?

>> What is your strengths that leads to re-purchase goods on your site?

% of mouths

How many members or buyers make good noise for your site?

Which methods are they choosing to spread their good feeling?

>> What do you do to hold benefits from the method?


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