GEGm의 청춘 1, 혁오 에세이

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1. Lonely
Keep knocking the door

2. Feels Like Roller-Coaster Ride
If you get back to me then oh It's like roller coaster ride

3. Ohio
give up glow to live in the peace that we made before

4. 위잉위잉
비잉비잉 돌아가는 세상도 나를 비웃듯이 계속 꿈틀대죠

5. Our Place
don't lie lie lie lie lie lie / Try try try try try try try to be your host

6. I Have No Hometown
wish I could run on the rugged hill of cornfield again

Panda Bear
나는 조용히 생각을 할 뿐야 / 언젠가 사랑이 찾아온대도 / 난 아마 알아채지도 못할거야

1. Settled Down
I will find you in own my way
keep doing things that way or leave me alone

2. 와리가리
And we play comes and goes 
cause we did this
when we were child before and we play comes and goes 
cause big boys still play the game all the time

3. 큰새
꽉 잡은 밤하늘을 돌봐야 해
늘 검은 천장으로 여겼더니 달은 열심히 떠올라 보름달을 보여주네

4. Mer
I long for that We met 
followed the map 
looked for the gold

5. Hooka
Then you gotta stay the same
I know you're trying to sit on me
'cause I'm really good at this
to downtown I deserve to go

6. 공드리
지금의 침묵은 기회일까
내 기댈까
또 그냥 나만의 생각일까
가만히 앉아 있어야 하나
괜히 또 나서는 건 아닐까

*출처: GEGm

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